Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Austers at the Abbey.

Two visiting classics at Loburn Abbey last Saturday (22-04-2017) were the Auster J1/Y ZK-AVU and J1B ZK-AYU.
 The Auster J1/Y ZK-AVU (c/n 889) has featured several times on these pages.
As indeed has the Auster J1B ZK-AYU (c/n 2730)
See Here.

Chipmunk ZK-LOM

Another delight to see at Loburn Abbey was the De Havilland Canada DHC-1 Chipmunk ZK-LOM (c/n C1-0192) from the LOM Syndicate of West Melton.
Looks like Jim up front with Don in the back.
As the registration infers - this airframe has been re-engined with a LOM M332A engine.
See previous posts on this HERE.
The engine mounts are original Gipsy Major units with an adapter plate to accommodate the LOM engine.
Really neat.
Note the 'Blower' on the back end of the engine.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Tauranga airport

A shot from Grayson Ottaway showing the entrance to Tauranga Airport.

Pauanui Tauranga Visitors

A wet Sunday followed by a stunning Monday produced a number of interesting visitors to the airfield from Tauranga including Cessna 180K ZK-DKP,  regular visitor Autogyro Europe MT03 ZK-TCG and the Tecnam P92 ZK-TES

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Loburn Abbey Spitfires

There were four Supermarine Aircraft Spitfire replica Mk26's on field on Saturday.
 The Mk26B ZK-CGV2 (c/n 52) is Ivan Campbell's aircraft and wears the markings "CG" and RM787 as used by Colin Gray during WWII. 
It has been covered before Here   and Here.
 Above we see the UK registered, 170hp, flat eight cylinder, direct drive Jabiru powered G-CENI (c/n PFA 324-14102) taxying back with Loburn Abbey beyond.
This was first registered in the UK on 24-04-2007. It arrived at Loburn in March this year.
The Chev V8 powered Mk26 ZK-SPT (c/n 070) is Richmond Harding's aircraft, down from Wanganui.
 Now two views of Ivan Campbell's MK26B ZK-MEB (c/n 72).