Sunday, 23 October 2016

Kiwi Air's Riems-Cessna F406 at Ardmore 21-10-16

Also at Ardmore last Friday Kiwi Air's Riems-Cessna F 406 ZK-XLF (c/n F406-0057) did some local flying.  The F406 is also known as the Caravan II.

 The F406 is quite difficult to get a good angle of for a photo, 

But here are a selection of views.

I don't think I have seen any of Kiwi Air's fleet before, so I googled them and was surprised to find that they have a fleet of 25 aircraft working around the world, all  powered by PT 6 turboprops.  Have a look at their website at

Mosquito Migrating, Ardmore 21-10-16

The DH 98 T III Mosquito ZK-FHC2 had been moved back to the Avspecs hangar on Friday

It was in the process of being dismantled prior to shipping to the Fighter Heritage Collection at Everett Washington.  As in the above photo the fin and rudder had been removed.

Warren Denholm told me that the next one will be along in two years time!

However, the sound of a Merlin could still be heard:

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Flying My Sky at Auckland International and Ardmore 21-10-2016

In a segue between Auckland International and Ardmore, here are a couple of Fly My Sky Britten Norman Islanders:  (although the segue should have been a smooth transition between the two airports, the trip took me more than an hour on the motorway system!)

ZK-PIZ (c/n 2012) in the old scheme with a little bird...

and ZK-EVO (c/n 785) with the new big bird scheme. 

I will leave you to decide which scheme is best (if any).  Actually the Fly My Sky aircraft are registered to Commercial Helicopters Ltd of Taumarunui.

Parcelair Boeing 737 Fleet at Auckland International 21-10-2016

Three of Airwork's Boeing 737 freighter fleet were at Auckland International yesterday:

 B 737-4YO ZK-PAT3 (c/n 24683).

 B 737-476 ZK-PAQ (c/n 24443).

and B 737-476 ZK-PAK (c/n 24444). 

Airwork currently has a fleet of ten Boeing 737 freighters.

Two by Two at Auckland International 21-10-16

There was an interesting selection of aircraft in the Air Chathams and Airwork area yesterday.

Two of Air Chathams General Dynamics Allison Convair 440/580s were parked up.

 ZK-CIF2 (c/n 399)

 and ZK-CIE2 (c/n 381).

 Airwork's two Fokker F 27 Mk 500 Friendships ZK-PAX2 (c/n 10596) and ZK-POH (c/n 10680) were parked up awaiting sale.

 As were two of their Fairchild SA 227 Metroliners ZK-POF (c/n CC-844B)

 and ZK-POB (c/n AC-606B).

And a couple of ropey photos of two aircraft who are cousins:

The Israel Aircraft Industries 1124A Westwind ZK-PJA (c/n 339) is registered to Aviation Services and Consultancy Ltd of Nelson, but I think it has been at Auckland International for some time (the long grass is not growing up around the aircraft but is on a rise inside the fence).  This aircraft is ex ZK-RML (re-registered on 30/9/14), and does not appear to have been covered on the blog previously.

The IAI 1124A Westwind was developed from the Jet Commander 1121,

and this is the family link to the last aircraft - the Rockwell Turbo Commander 690A ZK-PVB (c/n 11321), which has been owned by Air Chathams since 1/3/16.