Saturday, 10 December 2016

Otago Aero Club's New ZK-OAC

Back on 5/8/16 the Otago Aero Club purchased Vans RV 12 from Malcolm Belcher of Hastings, who had built the aircraft as ZK-RVS2.  (the first ZK-RVS was Gary Spicer's RV 4 which was written off in 1996).  Malcolm has since gone on to build another RV 12.  The Otago Aero Club likes to have their microlight training aircraft registered with their initials so on 29/9/16 the club re-registered the RV 12 as ZK-OAC3.  This necessitated re-registering their previous ZK-OAC2 a Rans S6ES as ZK-TJE2 on the same day.

ZK-OAC3 (c/n 12-356) at Custom Aviation at Taieri after a refurbishment and repaint to this smart new colour scheme.

And for reference, here is the aircraft as ZK-RVS2 at Hastings on 8/3/14.  At that time it was powered by a Viking Honda engine but I understand that Malcolm later re-powered the aircraft with a Rotax 912.  Compare the nosewheel strut and the cowling with ZK-OAC2 to see the difference.

ZK-IMB at Pauanui

Seen today at Pauanui just prior before the weather packed in.
Bell 206B JetRanger III ZK-IMB3 (c/n 2660) as registered to Opie Equipment Ltd of Silverdale as recently as 09-11-2016.
It has served all of its previous life in Australia as VH-COW2 since 26-11-1979.
Another fine study by Richard Currie.

Ardmore Yesterday 9-12-2016

A quick trip to Ardmore yesterday produced several locally owned aircraft that I had not seen before:

Scottish Aviation Bulldog ZK-WUF marked as XX657 (c/n BH120/315) was a surprise.  It served with the Cambridge University Air Squadron, RAF until being demobbed in July 2000.  It first came to New Zealand with its then owner in May 2002 and was first registered in here on 27/4/04.  It had been based in Hawkes Bay but recently shifted to Auckland with its current owner.

Rhiems Cessna R172K ZK-XPD (c/n R1723235) was first registered in New Zealand on 25/6/93 and has had ten owners in the intervening years!  But it has never been posted on the blog before.

Partenavia P68C ZK-SMB (c/n 308) is registered to the Auckland Aero Club and has been since 8/10/08 but I have never seen it before.  Where does it live?

Friday, 9 December 2016

Bushcat Aviation at Ngaruawahia

On my way down to Te Kowhai a week or so ago, I called in to see Kevin Mattson of Bushcat Aviation NZ at his property just North of Ngaruawahia.  He was keen to talk aviation  and after a cuppa he showed me around his new hangar which housed a couple of Rainbow Skyreach Bushcats.  Kevin is the New Zealand agent for Skyreach Aircraft from South Africa and he has imported four of their aircraft to date.

 ZK-ZOZ (c/n CH 148B) was first registered here on 4/11/15.

ZK-ZBR (c/n CH 149B) was first registered here on 11/8/14.

Both aircraft are for sale and if you are interested, give Kevin a call on 021 0239 8485.

Kevin also invites sport flyers to visit him at his hangar, home and airstrip that is around 1 kilometre North of Ngaruawahia on Old Taupiri Road.  The strip orientation is 12/30 and it is 310 metres from fence to fence.  Give Kevin a call before flying in as there are some specific instructions.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Texan Sonerai

I stumbled on your excellent blog today! 
Great Sonerai activity down under. 
Here is a recent photo of my 2005 S2L sporting a blueprinted Great Plains 1835 (VW) flying over NorthTexas!

 N994SP is c/n 40194446 and obtained its airworthiness ticket on 12-01-2005 to the listed manufacturer Scott E Plischke.

Merry Christmas!
Rob Ray